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Meet Kat Kamalani: flight attendant, lifestyle blogger, youtuber and most importantly a mama to two. I came across Kat when I was going through a scary time in my pregnancy and turned to... you guessed it, googling (which is a big no no) and searching through youtube videos. I came across Kat's emotional and brave video about her 14 week miscarriage story. It was raw, painful and I sat there crying tears hoping the best for a stranger I never met. I was so relieved to learn that while Kat experienced something so heartbreaking, she went on to have not one, but two beautiful babies. I sat that night and watched almost all her videos to give me hope that things will turn around. Thankfully, my own situation turned for the better, but I continued following Kat's journey. While I don't think talking about miscarriage and loss is taboo anymore, I do think its important to normalize the discussion and make sure we continue to have open dialogue and share. I hope Kat's journey can bring hope to someone else reading or watching her videos that may be going through a tough time.

Below is our short Q&A with Kat, as well as links to her adorable family on youtube/instagram for you to follow along:

When and why did you decide to start blogging and youtubing?

I started blogging when I moved away to Oregon for college so my family and friends could keep up with my life then I would randomly do YT videos when my husband and I started dating. I got more serious about YT when I uploaded my miscarriage video and it started getting a lot of attraction.

What do you feel changed most about your content and core focus for your channel/blog after having kids?

I really wanted to put content out for other people to help them, inspire them and give the tips that I wish I knew when getting pregnant. My channel is always changing depending what season of life I am in, like now I still create family vlogs, but love to create YT videos on my postpartum weightloss journey.

As we mentioned above, you bravely shared a personal video about your miscarriage story at 14 weeks. Why did you decide to share something so personal in such a public forum?

I had to overwhelming impression I needed to tell my story. I was terrified to be so vulnerable. I knew I needed to break the stigma of having a miscarriage. That you don’t talk about it, that its this “hush hush” subject. I thought if I could help 1 person who is grieving a loss my job is don and it was worth it.

What helped you get through that period in your life and move forward?

I don’t think you ever get over a loss of losing a child, but what helped me cope with the pain is helping others. To talk about the grief I felt and allow myself to feel the feelings and work through it.

You mentioned in your video that as time goes on you hope you can help people with this video, and there’s a purpose to this video. Do you feel you were able to do so and how has the response been?

I have gotten thousands of emails and messages from women all over the world saying they are so grateful they saw my video. That they thought the same things as me and felt so alone. I still try to reply to each one of those messages. I feel this deep connection with each one of those women.

What’s something you wish more people knew about miscarriages or a common misconception?

It is not your fault. You did nothing wrong.

Can you describe how you felt during your next two pregnancies? Did it get easier with each one?

Anxiety and scared. I allowed myself to feel the feelings then decided I would do everything in my power to be healthy, but ultimately its out of my control and whatever happened I was going to share my story and help others. 

To read about Kat's personal story in more depth, please visit her blog post here:

Your husband seems incredibly supportive, how did you two meet?

In Oregon! He is from Maui, HI and was playing football for UofO and I was going to school there. I have a full love series on this on my YT channel here ->

As a mom of two what is your absolute must have baby product? (sleep, play or eat)

I have so many videos on this! Must have nursing, pregnant, baby products on my channel. Here is a playlist for moms to watch ->


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