Mom Crush Monday: Nikki Bergen


Nikki Bergen is the Creator of The Belle Method and The Bump Method Inc. She is an expert trainer with a passion for helping women feel confident and strong throughout pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Nikki is one of Canada’s most sought after health and fitness experts. A former professional dancer, Nikki has dedicated her life to creating ground breaking fitness programs designed specifically for women that combine Pilates and Pelvic Health, creating choreography from science. She created The Belle Method and The Bump Method exercise programs to help women strengthen their deep core and pelvic floor muscles for a safer and easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

We had a chance to connect with her and ask her a few questions. Read our short Q&A Below:

What is the biggest misconception about exercising during pregnancy?

There are SO many! But in general, I tend to see a lot of fear around movement. Exercise is so important and beneficial for both mom and baby, and the right kind of exercise will make your delivery and recovery so much smoother – from reducing diastasis recti and incontinence, to having a better birth! 

Why are pelvic exercises so important for both pregnant and post-partum women and are you too “late” if you start on pelvic exercises only after you give birth?

 First of all, it is never too late! I am asked this question ALL the time. Ladies, it is never too late to work on your pelvic floor and inner core! A fit pelvic floor can help reduce issues like prolapse, bladder leaks and help with an easier postpartum recovery! 

Is it possible to get your pre-baby body and how?

Ugh, I’m not a fan of this term of “getting your body back”. It didn’t go anywhere. Your body is forever changed from growing, carrying and birthing a child – and I think we should wear that as a badge of honour! But you must know that you can be STRONGER and more fit than you were pre pregnancy!

You just had your second baby, what is the one product you can’t live without with both your daughter and now son?

My espresso machine! Haha, just kidding. A fashionable diaper bag helps me feel less sloppy when I’m doing mom life. I like the @Fawn diaper bag and have it in light grey. I’m also obsessed with dry shampoo, mirrored sunglasses and my Cosabella black lace nursing bra ☺ 

What is your typical “what I eat in a day” looks like? (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Breakfast: If you put enough stuff in your smoothie, it’s a real meal as far as I’m concerned! 

I put almond butter, avocado, MCT oil, hemp hearts, vegan protein, frozen berries – the whole works in there! Breakfast is also often chia pudding, or homemade granola, almond milk with berries on top. 

Lunch: Live raw wrap with peppers, egg, spinach, tomatoes, hummus and cucumber.

Dinner: Lentil chili, salmon topped kale salad, veggie stir fry with chicken etc. 

Snacks: macadamia nuts, apples and peanut butter, hummus and carrots 


To learn more about Nikki, her amazing programs (whether you are expecting, postpartum, or simply want a challenge) the Belle Method and Bump Method are available at You can also find Nikki on Instagram @thebellemethod where she not only posts example exercises, insightful content for new and pregnant moms, but also shares adorable bits of her life with her two kids.